Case study

Natalia + 250 people

Explore the scenario of using 10000h less on the example of the Warsaw SSC.

The challenge

A choice for years to come in a prestigious location.

Natalia is a director of the Polish branch of an international company from the SSC sector. The organisation, celebrating its success and fighting for the best employees who value prestige and good communication, decided to move its headquarters from Mokotów to downtown. Natalia and her organisation face the challenge of finding an office that will be their home for at least 10 years.

Natalia’s company is looking for an office in the city centre. Among the many options, it is difficult to choose the one with the best location and standard.

The new office is intended to be a showcase for new employees, but it must respond to the different needs of the current team of almost 150 people.

Leasing a large office of over 2000 square metres is a major commitment. Support from industry experts is important throughout the process.


10000h less enabled Natalia and her team to select the 6 best locations. When configuring the query, Natalia specified in the wizard:

  • a monthly budget of PLN 250,000,
  • the area standard is 10 sq.m. per 1 person,
  • lease period over 5 years.

From Natalia’s company perspective, the survey invitation function proved crucial. She provided a link to the form on the company intranet so that questions about preferences reached a group of over 150 people. After 7 days, she received a report that summarised the needs of the entire company, as well as comparing the office proposals identified by 10000h less technology with the current office in terms of communication time savings.

Natalia, unlike her colleagues, lives outside Warsaw on a daily basis. This means significant differences between her and the team in defining the “ideal office”, as the report clearly indicates. When deciding on a place to work for over 200 people, it’s worth taking responsibility and putting the needs of the collective before personal convenience.

10000h less team support.

The process of entering into a long-term lease is one of the most complex, so it is worth paying particular attention to:

  • rent free period,
  • the possibility to negotiate the rent,
  • the amount of the early termination penalty.

The support of our team enables you to prepare adequately for the negotiation process and secure your company’s interests. Regardless of your experience in leasing, it is worth using the services of experienced advisors.

Time saving

Natalia’s team of 250 can save an average of 3 minutes in communication between the flat and the office. On an annual basis, this amounts to around 6000 hours of savings. With 10000h less you can use this time however you want: for family, hobbies, entertainment or training.


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