Case study

Chris + 15 people

Explore one of the scenarios of using 10000h less. See the example of an architectural office in Wroclaw and find out how to reconcile the needs of the owner and the team working in a hybrid model.

The challenge

Long-term decision.

Chris is the owner and head of an architectural studio in Wrocław. Their current office, located in one of the residential buildings, no longer meets his requirements. The new premises are intended to meet his company’s specific requirements in terms of space, communication and the business environment. What is important, not all employees of the fifteen-person team work permanently from the office. For Chris, the office is a business card, so the surroundings – restaurants, cafés or bars – where he will be able to meet his business partners are important.

Chris is looking for an office close to where he can invite his business partners. The expectations of the rest of the staff may be different.

The office is a place of collaboration. About 10 of his company’s employees work from the office on a permanent basis. At the same time, Chris is looking for a larger space that can accommodate the rest of the team when needed.

A team of 10 people who work from an office on a daily basis use different means of transport. The ideal office should be quick to communicate for all of them.


10000h less enabled Chris and his team to select the 7 best locations. When configuring the query, Krzysztof specified in the wizard:

  • a monthly budget of PLN 15,000,
  • the space standard is 13 sqm per 1 person (premium),
  • lease period up to 3 years,
  • 9 employees work in open space, 1 person in a private office.

Chris decided that only those working from the office would take part in the survey. For this purpose, in the last step of the wizard, he indicated their email addresses, to which they received an invitation to 10000h less. Out of the 9 people invited:

  • 5 declared a wish to travel by bicycle,
  • 2 chose a car,
  • 2 chose public transport.

The final report prepared on the basis of Chris’s and the rest of the team’s preferences indicated that their ideal choices were the same. To make the final selection, Chris chose from the 3 offices with the best communication (from the perspective of the whole team) the one that most closely matched his surrounding preferences.

Support from team 10000h less.

The process of signing a lease for smaller spaces is not a difficult one, but it is worth paying attention to several issues depending on the type of office:

  • possibility of early termination of a contract in a serviced office
  • rent holidays in a traditional office,
  • possibility of space personalization.

The support of our team enables you to prepare adequately for the negotiation process and secure your company’s interests. Regardless of your experience in leasing, it is worth using the services of experienced advisors.

Time saving

Christopher’s team can save an average of 6 minutes in communication between the home and the office. On an annual basis, this adds up to around 48 hours of savings. With 10000h less you can use this time however you want: for family, hobbies, entertainment or training.


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