In a time where entrepreneurial excellence knows no bounds, it is important that we spotlight and celebrate the remarkable contributions of Black female founders who defy the odds in the face of systemic challenges.

Over the years, we've had the privilege of interviewing and highlighting visionary Black women who stand as trailblazers in diverse fields—from beauty to fintech, SaaS, and beyond. Each woman featured below has made significant contributions to the entrepreneurial landscape in her unique way.

Join us on this inspiring journey as we honor the brilliance and tenacity of Black female founders who are rewriting the narrative of success.

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Industry: Food

Cookie Society is a bakery and dessert brand, with locations spanning across DFW. Marissa cofounded Cookie Society with her husband Jeff Allen, driven by her love for baking and creating unique baked good recipes in her kitchen.

Here in this post, Marissa and her husband shared social media tips for entrepreneurs:

Social media tips to grow your brand
This Black-owned cookie bakery in Dallas shares tips for new business owners on growing your social media presence.

Kimberly Jolasun - CEO of Villie

Industry: Parent tech; Consumer tech

Villie is a tech company that seamlessly connects expecting parents with financial and emotional support from their community. Since Kim launched Villie, she's received investments from notable investors such as Fearless Fund, XRC Ventures, and TxO by a16z.

In a post on Mogul Millennial, Kim shares how she leveraged Pinterest to acquire users:

How the founder of Villie used Pinterest to acquire users
The Power of Pinterest: How To Find Early Customers for Your Startup

Simone Kendle - CEO of Wove

Industry: Consumer Goods

Simone Kendle is the CEO of Wove, an online custom jewelry company that provides engagement rings. But before then, she served as the CMO of Parfait, a venture-backed, wig customization platform aimed at disrupting the wig industry.

In a previously recorded AMA with Mogul Millennial, Simone shared how her previous company Parfait secured over 10K people on their waitlist before launching.

How Parfait built a 10K+ waitlist for their startup before launching
In this interview with Parfait’s CMO Simone Kendle, learn how they secured over 10K people on their waitlist before launching.

Dr. Onaedo Achebe - CEO of Minti

Industry: Consumer Goods

Minti is a forward-thinking oral care brand, dedicated to sustainability and cleanliness. Dr. Onaedo Achebe launched Minti, after recognizing a crucial need for elevated, clean ingredients in the oral care realm. Currently, Minti includes a comprehensive range of toxin-free oral tools, featuring toothbrushes with handles crafted from 100% compostable bamboo, floss derived from all-natural corn fiber, and toothpaste free from parabens.

Check out what Dr. Achebe had to share about Minti’s go-to-market strategy for their oral-care brand.

Minti’s go-to-market strategy for their oral-care brand
Dr. Onaedo Achebe shares her go-to-market strategy for Minti, a sustainable oral-care brand

Mandy Bowman - CEO of Official Black Wall Street

Industry: Software

Official Black Wall Street (OBWS) is the largest app and digital platform connecting consumers to different Black-owned businesses. Named after the Black Wall Street Massacre that occurred in Tulsa in 1921, OBWS was created after Mandy studied Entrepreneurship and Global Business Management at Babson College, and was determined to help the Black community thrive through economic empowerment and ownership.

Learn more about OBWS, and Mandy's advice on building a membership business.

Advice on building a membership business with Mandy Bowman of Official Black Wall Street
Keeping customers engaged in membership businesses is tough. Get tips from Mandy Bowman of Official Black Wall Street on acquiring and retaining members.

Shontay Lundy - CEO of Black Girl Sunscreen

Industry: Beauty

Shontay Lundy is the Founder of Black Girl Sunscreen, a moisturizing sunscreen lotion formulated for women of color. Shontay's motivation stemmed from her own struggle, a common challenge faced by Black women—finding a sunscreen that not only provides moisture but also seamlessly blends into the skin. With this mission, she set out to redefine the sunscreen experience for women of color.

Learn more about her entrepreneurship journey here:

Meet the founder of Black Girl Sunscreen
Can Black people get skin cancer? Shontay Lundy addresses a common misconception about Black skin and the sun and the product she developed to fight it.

April Johnson - CEO of Happied

Industry: SaaS

Backed by Hearstlab, Google for Startups, Techstars, and more, Happied is a startup that uses technology and industry expertise to take all of the stress out of team engagement for companies. The current version of Happied emerged from a pivotal shift away from its original concept. Originally, Happied was a company that connected DC professionals with happy hour spots. During COVID-19, Happied encountered difficulties that ultimately served as inspiration for the evolution of the platform into its current form.

Learn more about the evolution of Happied and how they found product-market fit:

How Happied pivoted and found product-market fit
After experiencing a major red flag and setback, this startup pivoted, changed its business model, and has secured major clients like Google and Disney.

Pinky Cole - CEO of Slutty Vegan

Industry: Food; Restaurant

By now, everybody and their mama knows what Slutty Vegan is. But just in case you don't, Slutty Vegan is a leading, plant-based burger restaurant with over 10 locations including Atlanta, Dallas, Harlem, and Birmingham.

Among the fan favorites at Slutty Vegan are the Sloppy Toppy burger, the Chik'n Head, and the One Night Stand.

In an interview with Mogul Millennial, Pinky talks about her entrepreneurship journey and her tips for founders:

Pinky Cole on building Slutty Vegan and her tips for founders
Pinky Cole is the CEO and founder of Slutty Vegan. Check out her founder story and her social media marketing tips for entrepreneurs.

Cashmere Nicole - CEO of Beauty Bakerie

Industry: Beauty

Beauty Bakerie is a cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and gluten-free cosmetics company. Launched by Cashmere Nicole, this brand has raised over $14 million dollars according to Crunchbase, and can be found in Target and Ulta stores across the country.

Here on Mogul, Cashmere talks about her journey launching Beauty Bakerie and her tips for entrepreneurs:

The founder of Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics shares tips for entrepreneurs
We spoke with the owner of the multi-million dollar beauty company on how she secured funding and building her team.

Sheena Allen - CEO of CapWay

Industry: Fintech

CapWay is a platform that provides financial education and services, resources, and banking options for the unbanked. Launched by serial entrepreneur Sheena Allen, CapWay is backed by Y Combinator, the Opportunity Fund, Valor Ventures, and more.

In an interview on Mogul Millennial, Sheena shares how building relationships helped her raise money for her startup:

How to raise money for your startup business
Sheena Allen used relationships to get the money she needed for her business. Here are her tips for pitching and how she landed her first investor.

Ranay Orton - CEO of Glow by Daye

Industry: Consumer Goods

Ranay Orton founded Glow by Daye with a mission to enhance the hair maintenance experience through high-quality, thoughtfully designed products. One of the first products that she launched was her satin hair bonnet. Fast-forward to today, their product line has expanded to include satin hair scarves, hooded dryers, shower caps, and more.

In an interview on Mogul Millennial, Ranay shares how she made $1 million with one product:

How to start a hair bonnet business
Breaking into the hair industry can be difficult. Here’s how this founder used targeted marketing efforts and social media to grow her business.

Jasmine Jones - CEO of Myya

Industry: E-commerce

Jasmine Jones is the CEO of Myya (formerly Cherry Blossom Intimates). Myya offers breast cancer survivors a completely customizable virtual post-mastectomy bra fitting experience. Myya is also the only fully encompassing post-mastectomy care brand that can bill insurance directly for customers, making the shopping process seamless.

Jasmine sat down with Mogul Millennial to share her tip on pivoting your business and her advice for founders:

Tips on pivoting your business by the CEO of Myya
This Forbes 30 Under 30 CEO talks about her experience pivoting her business and her tips on other founders doing the same.

Tobi Bosede - CEO of DentalFynd

Industry: AI; Healthtech

DentalFynd, is a startup that’s using AI to democratize dentistry. Tobi's inspiration for launching this startup stemmed from her own struggles in finding a dentist.

In an interview with Mogul Millennial, Tobi talks about her entrepreneurship journey and her journey around customer acquisition and minimizing churn:

The founder of DentalFynd on customer acquisition and reducing churn
Tobi Bosede, the founder of DentalFynd, details her journey around customer acquisition and minimizing churn.