Entrepreneurship is undeniably challenging, STRESSFUL, and often isolating, especially for Black founders who face unique hurdles.

While there is no shortage of entrepreneurship content online, the issue lies in the predominant focus on "what" startups are doing, rather than "how" they are doing it - particularly with a focus on Black founders.

Recognizing this, years ago, our founder seized the opportunity to create a media company tailored for Black entrepreneurs. What sets us apart is our dedication to equipping Black founders with the necessary resources and education they need to build and scale a company. Most importantly, our community of Black founders can learn directly from their peers who are out in the trenches doing it.

The ultimate goal of our content hub is to become the Harvard Business Review for Black startups, where each piece propels the Black founder community forward and shines a light on the brilliance of Black entrepreneurs.

As we continue to make strides in this mission, we welcome outside creators and brands to help us do that.

At Mogul Millennial, there are four ways to write for us: as a contributor, freelance writer, syndicate collaborator, or brand partner.

If you're interested in being featured instead, click here.

Contributors at Mogul Millennial

On a case-by-case basis, we accept one-off posts from outside contributors that provide clear, actionable takeaways and teach our audience of Black founders how to build, launch, and grow a startup.

An example of a contributor post can be found here: https://www.mogulmillennial.com/the-power-of-pinterest-how-to-find-early-customers-for-your-startup/

We are looking for content that offers unique, thoughtful analysis and authoritative advice without unnecessary fluff. Our contributors are often thought leaders in their respective fields: founders, venture capitalists, angel investors, startup leaders, and technologists. Contributor articles must be original and exclusive to Mogul Millennial (though we are willing to republish articles that you retain the rights to).

We do not accept promotional or sponsored posts. Contributors at Mogul Millennial are not paid, though there have been rare exceptions. In those cases, contributors are compensated similarly to freelance writers.

To contribute, email hello@themogulmillennial.com with the subject line "Mogul Millennial PITCH: [Story Idea]" and include the following information:

  • A bit about you: Tell us about yourself, your experiences, and why you’re the right person to write this article.
  • Your idea: Pitch your article idea. Provide the title, a sample introduction, and a brief outline of how you would approach the rest of the piece, including any experts or sources you would include. Please don't send a full draft.
  • Links: Send 2-3 samples of your previous writing. If you’ve never written before, no worries.
  • Your LinkedIn Profile: We want to ensure you are who you say you are.

Freelance Writers at Mogul Millennial

We collaborate with US-based freelancers to create content. Responsibilities include interviewing and writing feature stories highlighting Black founders and startup leaders, as well as creating long-form how-to articles centered around building, launching, and growing a startup.

The ideal candidate has:

  • 1+ years of writing experience
  • A deep passion for Black culture, and a love for creating resources to help this community grow
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to tell stories in a compelling way and break down complex topics
  • A flexible schedule with the ability to meet article deadlines

To apply, submit your application here.

Freelance writer rates vary and are determined by the article's length and writer's experience.

Syndicate Collaborators at Mogul Millennial

On a case-by-case basis, we love syndicating or repurposing content from brands that share our passion for providing valuable and actionable resources to founders. Some of our previous syndicate partners include Create & Cultivate, Novo, and TheGrio.

If your content aligns with our mission, email us at brittani@themogulmillennial.com to start the conversation.

Brand Partners at Mogul Millennial

We partner with brands passionate about supporting Black founders. If you share the same purpose and want to connect with Black and multicultural consumers on a deeper level, let's connect.

To get started, fill out this form: https://www.mogulmillennial.com/partner/

Other things to know:

  • We're selective about who we work with. Before pitching or reaching out about partnering, read our site to understand the types of content we share.
  • We only publish the best, so expect editorial revisions and fact-checking as part of the publishing process. Edits, additions, or clarifications may be requested.
  • Tangible proof, including emails, screenshots, or documentation, may be needed to verify any facts or claims.
  • Mogul Millennial makes all final decisions around headlines and reserves the right to update or change a headline to reach our audience effectively.
  • Our feature articles showcases Black entrepreneurs, investors, and startup leaders from various industries, stages, and age groups. Despite the inclusion of "millennial" in our brand name, our features extend beyond exclusive representation of millennials.
  • Due to the volume of submissions, we'll be in touch within two weeks if we’d like to further connect.
  • Questions? Email us at hello@themogulmillennial.com.